Our offer includes many products for different and diverse applications. Depending on their application, the materials may differ. Some products are often used both in food industry and in household chemicals industry. Products used in food industry undergo degradation testing and health analyses in accordance with regulations and have all the necessary certificates.

Child safety products used in the household chemicals industry provide protection and product quality in accordance with the ISO 8317 standard.

In addition, in our standard assortment, we offer different sizes and materials of plugs for different applications.

In our offer, we have a wide range of products that are used in different areas and vary in material depending on the purpose.

In the standard collection, we offer plugs of different sizes and materials, adapted to different purposes. Caps for the food industry are tested for opening and meet health standards.

For household chemistry products, we offer caps with a children safety opening mechanism that they are certified according to the ISO 8317 standard to ensure the protection and quality of the product.

Other categories


We offer closures for pharmaceutical industry in various sizes and with various inserts, including options with a child safety mechanism. Closures with a child safety mechanism are certified according to the ISO 8317 standard. We are continuously extending our product range to meet the needs of our customers.


COSMETICS AND HOUSEHOLD CHEMISTRY With us, you can find caps in various sizes that are used for softeners, liquid detergents. We offer closures for shampoos, caps for dish-washing and floor cleaning detergents that our customers are happy to use for their products in smaller or larger packages. We offer


Among our products you can find packaging closures for spices, honey, different caps for sauces, closures for PET bottles for water and milk, as well as different solutions and special closures. We provide solutions that offer the best choice for packaging your premium products. We also produce handles


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